From Publishing Firms,
Published Authors, and Businesses

'We've worked with Kevin and his company over the past couple of years on book‑length projects and cover editing as well as editing for web pages and short marketing pieces. His editors are knowledgeable and professional and we have found him to be honest and trustworthy in all financial dealings …They work in a timely manner with several levels of editing, allowing us to choose the service that best suits our needs. We have worked with other editors in the past and have been disappointed as it cost us additional money not in the budget to have work redone. That has never been an issue with All Ivy. They work on the piece until we are happy and are always available by phone or email within literally hours (or minutes) if we need something. I would highly recommend them for business and professional publishing projects of all types.'
Dee Burks
TAG Publishing, LLC
'Excellent book service. Absolutely first rate!'
Rick Lieberman
Author of Personal Foul
'A superb level of editing skill was employed by All Ivy Services to make my first book, The Sweet Smell of Success: Health and Wealth Secrets, ready for publication. This is especially noteworthy considering some of the more challenging parts of the book—the phytomolecular chemistry of aromatherapy as well as the medical science of juice therapy. One added and unanticipated valuable benefit of the service was their detailed suggestions on my style of writing, which put me to the task of upgrading my written explanations. This certainly improved the final product. A smashing job was performed. Thank you All Ivy Services.'
Dr. James 'Tad' Geiger
Author of The Sweet Smell of Success
'I have worked extensively with All Ivy Services since January 2008, and have been very impressed with their professional and timely editing. Whether I needed three or thirty books copyedited in a short timeframe, All Ivy always came through with outstanding work. Along with meticulous copyediting services, All Ivy offers excellent critical review and industry-specific analysis. In my experience, good editors are nearly impossible to find—All Ivy is excellent! I recommend All Ivy to any publishing company or freelance writer who wishes to truly get the most value out of their book.'
Kandi Miller
V.P. of Operations
No Limit Publishing
'I have used All Ivy Services over the past year for a variety of business communication needs. They are an impressive service that delivers quickly and effectively. I am continually amazed at how well they can rewrite texts that would otherwise be unusable. I highly recommend their services.'
Duanne Jordan
Cushman & Wakefield Inc.
'I have personally worked with All Ivy Writing Services for over three years. I have used them to edit important business proposals, e-mails, and marketing materials. In all respects, they have been the most excellent communications firm I have had the pleasure to work with. Everything they offer is premium quality. I would recommend them to any corporation seeking professional editing or writing services.'
Courtney J. Prestia
Trident Executive Search
'All Ivy has really stepped in and filled a void at our company. Our staff is required to produce technical reports and Kevin and his staff have been able to help us ensure those reports are correct grammatically. I can rest assured that my staff and I can concentrate on presenting the information to the best of our abilities and All Ivy will do their part to make sure the information is presented in the clearest and most accurate way possible. I have always experienced a quick turnaround and received great personal service!'
Adam Sommers
Aquaworks DBO Inc.
'Kevin is an amazing editor. He takes your art and brings the best out of your creation. Not only does he find the errors, his insights lead you to a deeper literary connection to your writing. Thanks, Kevin!'
Skip Jennings
Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, and Author

From PhD Candidates,
University Students, and Scholars

'I was desperate because my English is so poor. When I called Kevin at All Ivy, I found my solution. They didn’t just help with my editing, but they also helped me with my sources, research, and recommended better ways to say and organize my dissertation. They work very fast. My dissertation was approved the first time because of All Ivy Services. Two members of my committee asked me to submit my dissertation to a national U.S. dissertation contest because it was so well written! Thanks so much!'
Dr. Silvia Vega
PhD in Psychology
'Kevin and his team have been amazing over these last few years! I have been using All Ivy all through graduate school (MBA & PhD). They helped me edit those finite details professors always seem to find and 'ding' you on. Without All Ivy, I would never have finished as soon as I did.'
Elliot M.
PhD Candidate 2010
'Excellent responsive service. I am going back for my master’s degree after being away from school for many years. I had forgotten how to construct a scholarly paper. They worked through revisions for me and really helped me produce a quality paper. These guys are honest and do what they say they are going to do. I had my paper finished from beginning to end in just a few days.'
Richard B.
MBA Candidate 2010
'My dissertation passed…thanks to you!'
Dr. Cathy D.
PhD in Education
'Kevin did an amazing job on my internship applications and essays. I ended up at USC medical. He returns work quickly with great attention to detail. He provided wonderful suggestions throughout. I would definitely use All Ivy again in the future.'
Beth B.
USC Medical Student
'All Ivy edited my dissertation for APA 5th Edition back in May 2009. They truly did a superb job. All my awkward and colloquial phrasing was revised perfectly, and the APA style edits were so impressive that three of my fellow students used their services as well and found them to be excellent. In November 2009, I had them edit and upgrade an article for me into APA 6th Edition, and they also performed an excellent job. Both documents were completed within a week! Very impressed!'
Ricky S.
PhD in History
'I have been using All Ivy Services for the past few months and have nothing but good things to say about Kevin and his team. They have gone above and beyond when it comes to perfecting my written work. Not only is Kevin a brilliant writer and editor, his entire staff of writers have proven to be just as good and just as helpful. Kevin is prompt to respond to e-mails, calls, and texts, and never disappoints … Even with short warning they are able to pull through and get you what you need. The most impressive thing about these guys is their ability to help you out when it comes to absolutely any subject. I will continue to use All Ivy with great pleasure. Good job guys, keep it up!
David F.
MA Candidate
'When only the highest quality editing will do, I would highly recommend All Ivy Services. They are very professional, timely, and give real consideration to the subtle nuances of good structure and composition. They are a pleasure to work with; I will certainly employ their services again in the future.'
James T. Randall
MBA Graduate
'My graduate studies were a success thanks to Kevin and the team at All Ivy Writing Services. I submitted every paper and my thesis projects to All Ivy, and all were improved immensely. They do not just edit your work, they revise it and critique it to perfection. I don’t even need to look at the APA handbook anymore—they do it all for me! The advice and critique they provide for academic writing is truly priceless. I went from being a B student to an A student thanks to their professional and comprehensive service.'
Josh F.
Graduate Student
'I recently applied and was accepted to Columbia University's MBA program. Without the assistance of All Ivy Writing Services, I don't believe I would have been accepted.The amount of help they provided on my essays was monumental. Not only did they help with structure and grammar, but they also assisted in my general message and helped paint a better picture of myself. I can't say enough good things about this team and I fully recommend using them!'
Brent H.
MBA Candidate, Columbia University (2017)
'Very responsive service! I am so excited to have found All Ivy. Editing and formatting is made so easy with them. I was spending hours copyediting my dissertation for minor style issues; they edited my entire 300-page dissertation in 6 days! They will never let you down, and will always answer the phone. Thanks All Ivy!'
Pedro R.
PhD Candidate 2012